Getting into the Entrepreneurship Game Part 2: The Age of Self-Employment

Previously, we discussed what is needed to jump from employee to entrepreneur. There are those who also ask though if there’s a PERFECT AGE to be an entrepreneur. Is there really such a thing though? What could be the factors behind such a thing even? This article aims to look into this and dissect through what may cause this.


There are studies that indicate that a lot of successful entrepreneurs come from 20-something bracket. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates (Microsoft), and Steve Jobs (Apple) belong to this group. The successes of their company speak volumes on how well their careers as entrepreneurs went. What’s up with the 20s though? Is it some kind of magic number that increases the chances of success for the self-employed? Of course, the answer is that there’s no magic involved. The success can be attributed more to the attitudes and behaviours of a 20-something year old. At that age, a person has fewer reservations because they have less at stake or on the line with their business. They usually have no families to take care of and no big responsibilities that they need to keep intact such as rent payments. People in their 20s are usually hungry for success and development. The have something to prove and that can drive people to keep on pursuing their goals of success with their businesses.

So what’s the message here? It’s NOT about age actually. It’s behaviour. If you can replicate the factors that make 20 year olds the usual success stories for entrepreneurship while you’re in your 30s and 40s then you’re set.

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