Getting into the Entrepreneurship Game Part 3: Money-Saving Tactics

From our last article, we now know that an entrepreneur’s success isn’t determined by age. One thing that DOES determine success, though, is money. Most entrepreneurs will be faced with revenue and cash flow problems when they 1st get into entrepreneurship. Yes, the self-employment game will always have money as one of its biggest factors. To survive, you will need to play things smart. To help out especially those of you who are on their 1st ever venture, we will be giving you tips and tactics on how to be smart about your money. Knowing these will definitely give you an edge in the game.


Start with abusing discounts. There’s always a way to get something for cheaper. Look into bulk-buy discounts and see how you can save from those kinds of deals. Remember that entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint. You have to make sure that your resources last you for long amounts of time so any option to extend your finances should be at least looked at and explored. Also, be sure to compare prices of things you plan to buy. Do comparatives and go for the sweeter deal. So many entrepreneurs lose a lot of cash just because they didn’t look into their other options.

Just remember that, as a new entrepreneur, you are usually going to be faced with financially heavy situations. The best way to go about this is to be smart with your purchases and stick to the necessities until you reach a financial milestone of comfort.

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