Selling a Business

Taking the stress out of selling

Selling your business can be a difficult and frustrating experience, the process complex and unfamiliar. Using Brightblue Transitions Solutions will take the weight of the selling process off your shoulders, freeing you up to carry on the day to day running of your business. Our professional business brokers will talk you through the types of sale you could potentially enter into and explain the impact of each.  We work with you to achieve the ultimate goal, maximising the value of your business on closing.

Once you decide to sell your business Brightblue Transition Solutions will work with you to agree an estimated value for your business and prepare the business for sale. We understand that in some instances selling a business needs to remain highly confidential.  Once we understand the level of confidentiality you want around the sale of your business our business brokers will market the business appropriately and mediate with potential buyers towards closing the sale.  Contact us to see how we can work with you.

What selling involves

Selling a business commonly involves:

  1. Developing a value proposition strategy.  This means information gathering on the facts about your business and getting to understand the value of the business.
  2. Building a marketing plan.  This will be unique to your business and we agree with you, what information we provide and which channels we use to market your business to potential buyers.
  3. Introducing potential buyers. Potential buyers are screened and sign non-disclosure agreements before receiving any information about your business. Interested buyers are then introduced to you.
  4. Negotiating the details of the sale between the parties. Brightblue Transition Solutions will mediate these discussions to find common ground between you and the buyer.
  5. Accepting and presenting letters of Intent. The buyer offers this to indicate they have a serious interest in buying the business.
  6. Due diligence.  The buyer will now request information on the business and our Brightblue Transition Solutions professionals will act as intermediately managing through this process.
  7. Preparing the sale agreement between seller and buyer.  We will work with you as the lawyers draft the final document for signing.
  8. Close the sale. Readying you to move to the next opportunity and setting the buyer up to continue to run a successful business.

Contact us to start the process.

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