Buying a Business

Not sure what business you are looking for

Many potential buyers don’t know exactly what type of business they want to purchase.  They know that they want the independence and income potential that owning their own business can bring them.  When you meet with a business broker from Brightblue Transition Solutions they will work to understand your needs and skills and present you with business opportunities that you may not have considered.

Know exactly what business you want

Check our listings for a sample of the business we have for sale.  Some business owners want the details of the sale of their business to remain confidential. Contact us to discuss the opportunities.

If we don’t have a particular business listed and you would like to make enquiries as to whether the owner would be interested in selling we can approach the business, confidentially on your behalf, to assess their interest in selling their business. If the owner is interested and is willing to provide information to us Brightblue Transition Solutions will put together an information package identifying the market and strategic value of the prospect.  Contact us and we can discuss options with you.

If you see a business in our listings that interests you contact us to start the process.

Tips for buyers

  • Information is important.  Get a good understanding of the real earning power of the business; Brightblue Transition Solutions will help you with this.
  • Found a business that interests you? Learn as much as you can about the industry.
  • Work with us to get all your questions answered about a business you are interested in, then when you are ready to move to the next level of due diligence we will put together and present a Letter of Intent to the seller.
  • Need financing to buy a business; Brightblue Transition Solutions can put you in touch with financiers and work with you to get finance in place.
  • Remember ultimately the decision to buy a business is yours, as is the level of due diligence you do before making an offer. Getting on the same page as the seller on price and terms is important before you, invest time and money.  A lawyer and accountant will be important in this process. If you need access to one of these accredited professionals our team can help.
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