Getting into the Entrepreneurship Game Part 1: From Employee to Entrepreneur

As mentioned in other previous articles and series we’ve had, there are many things that you need to know if you want to be an entrepreneur.  First thing is to find out whether you are a fit for entrepreneurship and next is to figure out what are the things that need to be done to begin your entrepreneurship. This series is to further compliment the previous tips and knowledge that we’ve given to help set you up on your way to your entrepreneurial path with a focus on thing you need to know to “get into the game”.


It’s actually not uncommon for employees to take an interest in starting their own business. There is, at times, a misconception that entrepreneurship is not for everyone because some people aren’t good enough for it. In truth, it’s actually just a case of whether it’s a fit to the skill sets and characteristics that you have as an individual. There is no “better” between an entrepreneur and an employee. Some people thrive within the corporate ladder and some just blossom when they make it out on their own. But if you are within the corporate ladder and want to know if you can make the transition to becoming an entrepreneur then you will most likely need to have the following. You’ll need a readiness for the upcoming juggling act that you’ll be doing. You’ll have multiple roles and will be doing several things at the same time. You’ll need a strong drive and resolve to keep going because, believe us, it will get pretty difficult at times and you’ll need to have that sense to keep going. Of course, you also need to be a risk-taker because the whole deal with entrepreneurship revolves on risk.

So now ask yourself: do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur or are you more suited for the life of an employee?

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