Management as an Entrepreneur Part 3: Workplace Management Styles

In part two of our Management as an Entrepreneur series, we saw the importance of proper Financial Management. For today’s article, we take a look at something that goes beyond the internal books — managing your workplace and your people. Always bear in mind that these people who you’ve hired and/or are working with for the business will be the same ones who will push it to success and managing your people properly usually results to growing these people which allows them to make the business prosper even further.


There are many types of workplace management styles and one thing you have to understand about them is that it’s not simply a matter of choosing which you like best and going with it. You have to take account the nature of your business, the work, and the people themselves. By considering all these aspects you can then look at the various kinds of styles and determine which one is the best fit for your business.

Certain types will induce certain results and impact your workplace environment in very specific ways. Think of management styles as something that is very similar to types of government. Given that, you should consider that the most effective countries and governments are those that sync well both with the people in authority as well as the people in the community. This is the same for workplace management styles. Look through the various types and study each one. From there, do a very honest assessment of your total business environment – you, the work, the people, etc – and determine from there which one do you think will give you the results that you need BOTH in the long term and short term. Read up on specific management styles then decide which one suits you and your business the most.

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