Understanding the Sell Part 1: How to Go about Selling your Company

There comes a time when you just aren’t feeling the same amount of satisfaction or putting in enough focus as you used to on the business you have. As an entrepreneur, this should be your sign that it’s time to ready your exit and cash in your chips. While the concept of selling your business may seem to be so simple, there are many things that need to be understood if you want to get your money’s worth on the sell. This series will cover topics that are aimed to increase your understanding about selling a business.


Let’s say you want to sell. Now what? How do you go about that? Well, there are a few guidelines you need to follow while going about the sell. First of all you will want to be transparent to potential buyers. Get yourself out there. You can use a broker or openly advertise that you are selling your company. However, you do it, just make sure that you show enough to get your buyers interested. You may also want to search for a buyer/acquirer who is a fit for your company. Big company acquirers are usually out looking for businesses that are in line with their own. Look around yourself and check for those that will match and then try to get into talks with them. Just remember that while all of this is going on, you need to fix all of your books and all the flaws internal to the company to make it more sellable.

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