Understanding the Entrepreneur Part 2: Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Yes, being an entrepreneur is usually a high-risk, high-reward kind of thing and, on our last article, we saw how it takes a kind of personality to go through it. However, even for those who do have the entrepreneur’s personality, there are still so many who try it out and fail. Of course, each and every upcoming entrepreneur doesn’t want to fall into that category. To try and help you become one of those few who do succeed, this article aims to make you aware of WHY these failures happen so that you don’t have to find out about it first-hand hopefully.


The usual reasons that most will tell you on why entrepreneurs fail are insufficient or no knowledge about the business they are running and/or lack of money to keep the business going, However, are those reasons really enough? Do really they cover everything on why the entrepreneur failed? There are business owners who didn’t even have a degree that’s related to the industry of the business while there are those who graduated with a relevant degree who go bankrupt after the start their own business. As for money, there are so many ways to get funding for a business just as long as you know where to look. So given that, what’s the real reason then? It’s more about passion for the business or more specifically a lack thereof. Also, it may also be because the fit just isn’t right. Imagine an entrepreneur who easily panics. He would most likely fail in a business that is really fast-paced like a fast-food restaurant.

Those are just 2 of the many reasons why entrepreneurs fail. If anything, just be sure to remember this one thing: DO SOMETHING YOU’RE PASSIONATE WITH AND IS A MATCH FOR YOU and you’ll be a step away from the pitfall of business failure.

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