Understanding the Entrepreneur Part 1: The Entrepreneurial Attitude

Being an entrepreneur might sound very appealing to you. If you’re interested in becoming one, you’ve probably heard about the awesome stories about it – that you’re your own boss, that you control you time, the prestige, and many many more. However, the fact remains that being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and neither is it all glitz and glamour. There are many nuances to being an entrepreneur that you need to know so that you can gauge whether or not it’s for you. Once you’ve figured that out and are still willing to go the distance with entrepreneurship, there are also things that you need to know which will help you succeed. All of this will be the topic of this new series called “Understanding the Entrepreneur”.


First off, you need to find out whether your personality matches what’s needed for entrepreneurship. Just to be clear, there isn’t just ONE type of entrepreneur. Much in the same way as there isn’t one type of personality for a manager or a teacher or policeman, etc. Entrepreneurship works with people of varying traits but there is a certain similarity for those who are successful at it. This is the sense of independence.  Entrepreneurs are usually the ones who want to start something by themselves and not just be forever part of a system. Rather, they want to create their own. This, of course, is not enough. It has to be supplemented by knowledge and skills and, by adding all that up, you come up with the various kinds of entrepreneurs in terms of skill, success, renown, and so on.

So do you have the personality of an entrepreneur? Ask and evaluate yourself and see if starting your own business is something that matches who you are.

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