Management as an Entrepreneur Part 1: Time Management

Entrepreneurs have to do immense amounts of management. While the most obvious would be the management of the business, there are other important things that entrepreneurs usually overlook and fail to manage properly. Part 1 of our series on Management as an Entrepreneur will be dedicated to various aspects of business or entrepreneur life and how to manage them effectively.


Now, a common thing that is mismanaged by entrepreneurs is their time, especially those who have multiple businesses. The problem starts out small but, if completely left uncheck, it will snowball into fatigue for your business and missing out or underperforming with important tasks, projects, and the like. Of course, in today’s world, we have so many technological developments that are supposed to help with this such as alarms, reminders, planners, and project management software however, there are still instances where these don’t really solve the problem. The reason behind that is that these tools manage clock time whereas proper time management deals with priorities and discipline. Master that and you’ll start to find things starting to flow more efficiently and less strenuous for you.

Rather than rely on gadgets and technology, you should start looking into habits that will help cement the aspect of proper time management in your life – like taking a few moments to plan ahead for your day when you wake up and blocking off all possible distractions when you need to get a certain task accomplished. These may seem simple but these take a lot of getting used to before you ingrain them into your system. You’ll soon start to notice positive changes in how efficiently you use your time.

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