From Concept to Reality Part 1: Ideation

At this point, there may be some of you who think that entrepreneurship is something that’s insanely hard especially because it’s just so hard to start. Well, while it is true that it isn’t the easy, it isn’t the most difficult of things either. In this series, we will be discussing how to make that business idea of yours transcend the barrier of the mind and into reality. Hopefully, at the end of this, you’ll find it easier to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.


It all starts with an idea. Well, not just any idea, but an idea that can be profitable. There are MANY that get stuck at this part. Great ideas may not be easy to come by but there is a way to get those mental gears turning which will eventually lead to that eureka moment. Yes, you can get ideas around you but you can also start this journey within yourself. Start with figuring out stuff about you. What are YOU about? What gets you excited? What appeals to you? What skills do you specialize in? You’re doing this because, at the end of the day, the business needs to be in-sync with YOU. You’ll be the one running it and its life will be dependent on your motivation, drive, strengths, and passions. Think of it in terms of a problem. All products and services are a solution to something. Find something that you can provide a solution for using your strengths and, from there, see whether there’s profit to be made and if that profit’s big enough to sustain your business. Afterwards, make an assessment. Do your assets and personal strengths compliment this solution you’ve thought up? Keep doing this for every idea and, if you press hard enough, you’ll find a business idea that has the potential of working. It’s actually quite simple if you get the groove of it.

There are many things to do during the idea phase which can lead you to a viable business idea. You just need the perseverance and patience to keep going at it until you get to an idea that can set you on your entrepreneurial road.

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