Selling your business – Hire a business broker

Selling a business requires a lot of work, including things like financial analysis, market research and more…   Of course you have to start your exit strategy early and clearly understand your motivation.  Hopefully you have your books in order, you have built a mini business plan and you know your worth.  It is still very important to stay in business and to continue to add value!  Finally, to make everything go smooth, do yourself a favor and hire a business broker!

Brokers have buyer contacts that could speed up the sale of your business.  A business broker specializes in the sale of businesses, and some even serve certain industries or small businesses. Similarly, it’ll be good to have a tax professional, a lawyer and other experts to make sure that all aspects of a sale are handled properly.  Your business broker should be able to help you with understanding the recent sale prices of comparable businesses and understanding whether your industry or the economy is about to slow down or grow.  Finally a broker is typically connected with potential competitors and other businesses with similar services who would make excellent potential buyers.

About Brightblue Transition Solutions

Located on Vancouver’s North Shore we are the premier business broker in the lower mainland, contact us if you need any help buying or selling a business in the greater Vancouver or lower mainland areas.

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