Words of Wisdom FOR Entrepreneurs BY Entrepreneurs Part 3: Develop an Attitude for Success

“How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top.” 

Our last quote to be featured in this series comes from Yvon Chouinard and is also closely related to last week’s article on using failure as learning points. Climber and entrepreneur, Yvon is the founder of a successful outdoor clothing and gear company called Patagonia. His quote is one that may be questioned by some but is something that we feel is a strong truth. It’s the attitude that you have and how you are as an entrepreneur that matters the most. That’s even more important that simply getting success.


Simply put your attitude is the thing that will last over the years and will lead you to more success. Many of the people who are HANDED success without having the proper attitude towards it are the ones who lose that success later on. Take, for example, the typical son who inherited a business from his family. If this son doesn’t possess the proper attitude and doesn’t carry out business the proper way, you’ll already see the end of that business right there. Gaining success may or may not be easy but it’s your attitude that determines whether or not you keep it.

As we said, success is all about attitude. Passion, trustworthiness, being able to make decisions, and being able to properly deal with failure… these are some of the attitudes that you need to have to possess to be truly successful. The key message here is this: “Don’t just simply wish for success rather aim to be that person who can succeed and keep that success intact.”

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